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7 Day CBV "Money 4 College" Challenge

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Are you stressed out about the next steps in finding scholarships and money for college? As I’ve been listening to parents who signed up for the 7-Day “Money 4 College” Challenge, words like “freedom” and “weight lifted” are rising to the surface.


Keep Calm & Let’s Get This Money 4 College!

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7 Day “Money 4 College Journal”

    🏦🎓Module 1: Begin with the End in Mind

    Begin With the End in Mind video
    • 19 mins
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    Begin With The End In Mind Worksheet
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    🏦🎓Module 2: Deadlines, Scholarship Websites & Abundant Mindset - Oh My!

    Module 2: Deadlines, Scholarships Websites and Abundant Mindset - Oh My!
    • 12 mins
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    CBV Important College Deadlines
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    23 “Money 4 College” Resource websites
      Abundant Mindset Affirmations
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      🏦🎓Module 3: Bridge Programs

      Bridge programs clear paths for students to prepare them for the next level of higher education. Learn more about High School and College Bridge programs.
      Bridge Programs video
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      Bridge Programs Resource Links
        Bridge Programs_Worksheet.pdf
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        🏦🎓Module 4: Common Black College Application (CBCA)

        The Common Black College Application (CBCA) provides students with the opportunity to apply to 67 HBCUs for $20. 
        Common Black College Application (CBCA) video
        • 15 mins
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        CBCA Resource LInks
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          🏦🎓Module 5: Free Community College

          40 percent (20 out of 50) of U.S. states offer Free Community College options. Learn more about the benefits of these programs.
          Free Community College Video
          • 10 mins
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          Free Community College Resource Links By State
            Free Community College_Worksheet.pdf
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            🏦🎓Module 6: The Gates Scholarship (TGS)

            The Gates Scholarship (TGS) formerly known as the Bill Gates Millenium Scholarship is awarded to 300 undergraduate U.S.!students annually. It is considered a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP covering the total cost of college.
            The Gates Scholarship (TGS) Video
            • 13 mins
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            The Gates Scholarship (TGS) Resource Links
              The Gates Scholarship_Worksheet.pdf
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              🏦🎓Module 7: Recap and Next Steps

              Recap and Next Steps.mp4
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